Next-Generation Nanoparticle for Targeted-Delivery of mRNA, siRNA, and Chemotherapeutics

At QurCan Therapeutics, we have developed the next generation drug delivery platform technology “TERP” that overcomes the challenges of immunogenicity, low stability, rapid clearance, and liver accumulation faced by existing lipid and liposomal nanoparticle platforms.

Designed to meet pharmaceutical industry standards, TERP is a GMP/GLP certified polymer-lipid system that enables developing safe, stable and uniform nanoparticles for targeted delivery of nucleotide acids and chemo therapeutics to diseased areas, including in the brain. With a novel surface chemistry, TERP platform offers:

  • Customizable and site-specific gene delivery
  • Extrahepatic delivery with limited liver accumulation
  • Negative surface charge with no inflammatory reaction
  • Lyophilizable and superior stability and shelf-life


TERP Platform Facilitates Drug Penetration into the Brain.

TERP enables a surface modification that facilitates active blood-brain-barrier (BBB) transport via LDLR-mediated transcytosis. Validated in various pre-clinical brain tumor and neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Alzheimer disease), TERP improves drug penetration to brain by multiple folds.

  • Active transportation of therapeutic agents (mRNAs & siRNA, chemo agents and peptides) into tumor cells and across the intact Blood-Brain-Barrier (BBB) to reach inoperable brain tumor tissue.
  • ​A high degree of flexibility to accommodate various payloads and antibody/receptor-guided targeting to specific tumor types with excellent safety profile.

QurCan's lead program ``T-MX``

T-MX is a first-in-class therapeutic, that can effectively reverse treatment-resistance and turn cold tumors hot. T-MX, a TERP-enabled therapeutics, re-oxygenates hypoxic cancer cells, which in turn, boosts immunogenic cell death and strikingly increases the therapeutic efficacy of radio, chemo, and immunotherapy in multiple cancer models, agnostic to tumor genotype and histology.

T-MX has the potential to provide greater therapeutic efficacy and longer patient survival, offering healthcare professionals a potentially curative approach across a broad range of cancers, patient populations, and treatment options.

T-MX provides differentiation and superiority compared with currently available compounds

  • Broad applicability across multiple tumor types regardless of underlying genetic factors.
  • Safe and effective potentiation: 5-fold improvement over standard radiation and immunotherapies.
  • Restores T-Cells’ tumor-killing function and boosts anti-tumor immunity.
  • Enhanced uptake and retention in tumors.
  • Enables MR imaging of target tumor engagement.
  • Robust, streamlined, and scalable manufacturing process.

T-MX Facilitates Target Engagement Determination using MRI

Manganese ions in T-MX are paramagnetic and detectable by MRI with high sensitivity. This enables:

  • ​Quantification of drug accumulation in solid tumors.
  • Accurate image-based biodistribution analysis.
  • Precise MR-guided RT therapy, in cases where systemic therapies and RT are prescribed together.